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With spring training comes chance to remember

“There’s no color in life when you have love.”

Those words are not from a Hallmark card, nor are they from a child’s cartoon. Those words were said by Detroit Tigers legend Willie Horton at a press conference on Jan. 29 at Tiger Town.
As Horton reminisced about his early years as a baseball player with tears forming in his eyes, it was difficult holding back my own tears.

As I heard about the way he had to walk from downtown over to Tiger Town because he could not ride in a “white” taxi I marveled at the fact that I had just taken a ride down to Tiger Town for the Press Conference with a colleague who was not my same skin color.

I glanced around the room and realized that just sixty years ago standing in a room full of blacks, whites and Hispanics who were gathered for a press conference for a celebration would have been non-existent.

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Miami is bringing the heat. . .told ya so. . .

At the beginning of the month, I wrote my final column of the semester Haters, where is your evidence? In that column, I went ahead and defended my Miami Heat after so many haters coming at me with the only stat they had – the Heat were 9-8 after the first month of the season.

Here we are on Christmas day. . .the Heat just massacred the Lakers and I just want to add that I was right.  I try not to boast of what is in my possession, but when it comes to being doubted about my sports knowledge – especially as a Latina – I am loud when I know some silly stats without perspective are being thrown at me.

My Heat are 23-9.  They just held Kobe to 17 points. James had 27.

Feels oh so good to be a Latina with sports knowledge always one step ahead of the competition.

Merry Christmas to all. . .and to all a good night.

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