I’m Ashley, but I rarely embrace my full name (always feels like I’m 5-years-old when I hear it) so I always go by Ash.  I’m a 3rd Generation Mexican-American and I adore life.

I’m a senior at Florida Southern College majoring in Communication: Print Journalism/Broadcast/Online Media. I’ve had this blog for awhile, but dedication always passed me by when it came to regularly blogging.  I am now back for a few reasons:

1. I am a writer and while I will always hide in blank pages in one of the many blank books I have but, it is 2010 (nearly 2011) and I need to go step my game up.
2. One of my closest friends has always pushed me to take writing a book serious. This is one simple step towards that goal.
3. I’ve got words that sometimes resemble amazing thoughts and I’d like to let you in.

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