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I have decided to take blogging a bit more serious and I have moved to Out of Ash’s

I am still WordPress hosted (why not) so expect the blog to feel the same with a different look!  Hope to see you there!

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Simply True


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My Road

It’s your road and your alone.  Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.


Today I made one of the toughest decisions I have had to face until now. . .and I made it alone.  Of course I confided in one of my dearest friends about it all (Oh, Steph, how indebted I am to you) and yes, my family gave me their strong opinions, but no one decided for me.  Oh, and my best friend, Soldier, has been in the field all week so I only had a chance to send him a few brief texts that ultimately amounted to “Whatever you decide just make sure it’s what you want to do.”

I decided to put off graduate school (have yet to inform USF of this 30-minute old decision) for a position within a company that will one day lead to heading up the entire Hispanic marketing campaign for this company.  Why did I choose it?  For a few reasons:

1) I can live at home with my parents (we are making some new living arrangements within the next few weeks).

2) I can save money while living with my parents.

3) I can pay off debt from Florida Southern much sooner than I anticipated.

4) It’s a great straight out of school position that I can stay at for a few years (Soldier being Georgia helped me with this, too, but NO I am not the kind of girl to follow the prince charming around regardless of my dreams).

5) I can attend UCF part-time as soon as I have my feet grounded at the company.

6) It feels. . .right. . .for now at least.

7) I can work on my writing without the pressure of my studies (Ain’t it funny how I can focus on writing while dealing with the workplace, but not school?)

Making this decision made me realize that I am now an adult.  I now control my own decisions.  I now control my own finances (with a mom and dad that can bail me out ONLY if ABSOLUTELY needed).  I am terrified of what the next few months hold. . .waking up early. . .business casual every day (I absolutely abhor having to be business casual every day). . .no window views. . .straight up REAL WORLD WORK.

But, I will keep wandering along my very own road until I come to another crossroads. . .

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On Saturday, I graduated with three of the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. This momma bear (what they fall me) was proud.

I also graduated with a dear friend I have known since kindergarten. It was so cliche but beautiful.

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