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Hi, my name is. . .

Lonely.  I’ve come to pay a visit to you, Ash.  Well, since the soldier and you broke up.

What do I bring?

An empty side of the bed.

No “Good morning, nina” texts.

No one to share that good news with anymore.

A vase of dying Gerber Daisies that you want to ignore.

Tears that will fall in the middle of your day regardless of who’s around.

Oh, I’m here to stay for awhile, too.

As soon as the soldier walked out my door this afternoon, loneliness tapped at my bedroom window and here it is.  I’m not going to give every detail of what happened between the solder and I, but just know that when people are in love. . .people shouldn’t treat one another the way we did.  We did have some moments when we could see the end. . .that happily ever after kind of end. . .but, we just couldn’t do it.

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No Excuses. . .Anymore

The rain is tap dancing on the roof, and again I find myself right here on WordPress darting my hands away on this lit keyboard.  I just spent the last few hours searching for jobs to apply to. . .what are the results?

  • Marketing for the Red Bull New York (NJ)
  • Community Relations for the San Jose Earthquakes (CA)
  • Community Relations for the San Antonio Spurs (TX)
  • Media Relations for the Florida Marlins (FL)

And instead of jotting down everything I need to submit for each job. . .I’m at a new lost. Read the rest of this entry »

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