Two days in heaven just won’t do

And, here I am again. . .just shy of 4 a.m. and I can’t go back to sleep.  It probably doesn’t help the soldier just left in the rain.

It was nothing short of an amazing 72 hours.  Friday was rewarding.  Saturday was relaxing.  Sunday was another milestone for the soldier and me.

So let’s begin with Friday.  I had a meeting with my internship supervisor with the other intern from Florida Southern.  Now that the 75th Anniversary celebratory week is just three weeks away we are down to the wire on what needs to be done.  My task?  All about Florida Southern and it’s history with the Detroit Tigers.  I was in two and a half hour meeting with a few of the managers over here in Lakeland and while I was sure that my bed was missing me I was at home around that conference table.

When I was out of that meeting and going on to my job in yet another athletic department – Florida Southern’s department – my Bella (mom) asked me if I had time to grab dinner with her and my daddy.  Of course I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.  I worked for a few hours and as soon as I got back to my apartment they were at my place within a few minutes.  We went out to dinner at Tapatio’s – a delicious Mexi spot – and we just talked.  From that moment I knew it was going to be a good weekend.

During dinner the soldier called me.  I stepped away from the table because even though my parents are fully aware of him and have met him. . .the thought of me with anyone scares them.  When I stepped outside to take the “business” call I could not have been more surprised by his words, “Are you busy this weekend?  ‘Cause if not, nina, I was thinking about driving down there this weekend to see the game with you.”  Oh, how this soldier makes me melt.  I told him that I was not busy – I really wasn’t – and for him to come as soon as he could.

When I went back to dinner with my parentals, I received a text from Camila inviting me out with Natally and Carla.  So, as soon as I was done breaking bread with my parents, I went to Abuelo’s and while they each ordered dinner I just ordered a XX and enjoyed the conversation.   We then went back to my place and waited for the soldier.  They only stayed to say “hey” to him and then they went on their way.  It was beautiful spending time with some ladies that I hadn’t been able to see for quite a while.

When the soldier arrived. . .time slowed down.  Lord, thank you for slowing down time for us.

My hours with the soldier were filled with sleep – because neither of us gets enough when we’re engulfed in our responsibilities – walking Lake Morton, food, movies, serious conversations about not so serious topics, Books-A-Million, his work and football.

When you’re in a regular relationship the smallest aspects of an every day life are sometimes taken for granted. . .when you’re with a soldier you can’t be with every day the smallest, most insignificant details of life are the greatest marvels for each of you.  When you’re in a regular relationship you argue and stay on opposite ends of a room. . .when you’re with a soldier you can’t help but stay next to him holding his hand as you curse him for entertaining the idea of staying in the Army until 2039 – the way the soldier told me – because you’re not sure when the next time you’ll be able to see him will arrive.  When you’re in a regular relationship a date is dinner and a movie. . .when you’re with a soldier a car ride to the Walgreen’s – because an insect stung you while on a walk around the lake has your foot hurting like crazy – is like a drive into paradise because you have his full attention.  When you’re in a regular relationship you find it difficult to spend a few hours alone. . .when you’re with a soldier spending minutes, hours, days or even weeks without a phone call becomes tolerable, but never welcomed, but when you do finally receive a text with “Hey babe, I’m going to busy tonight, so I’ll try to call you tomorrow” becomes all that you need to make your day.

When you’re with a soldier you sometimes don’t want to share him with the world so you stay under your covers in bed when it’s a beautiful sunny Florida day.  When you’re with a soldier the tears will definitely fall when you’re stressed and go back home knowing no one is waiting for you.  But, when you’re with a soldier. . .the bittersweet knowledge of knowing that regardless of where the both of you end up you’ll be just fine because you’re just as Army strong as he is.

But, anyway. . .James Otto’s lyrics sang it best. . .

You don’t have to go now, honey
Call ’em tell ’em you won’t be in today
Baby there ain’t nothin’ at the office
So important it can’t wait
I’m thankful for the weekend
But two days in heaven just ain’t gonna do
Yes, it’s gonna take forever darlin’
Girl Boy, I just got started loving you

If only the Army could wait. . .Oh, well, time for a nap before I wake up at 7 and head to grab some coffee.

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  1. #1 by some may say i'm a dreamer on February 7, 2011 - 3:50 pm

    this is beautiful. so happy for you, on so many levels 🙂

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