And, so the internship begins

As I walked up the steps of the Cleveland Heights Golf Course, I admitted to myself that I was overwhelmed because in the past when I ignored that feeling. . .I usually crashed in a matter of seconds.  When I walked through the door I felt lost for about 20 seconds because I knew my supervisor, Ron,  Director of Florida Operations for the Detroit Tigers,  would be there, but not sure if I had arrived too early (13 minutes to be exact).  As I looked around the restaurant area I felt even more lost.  When I looked toward the bar area, which also had tables, I spotted my supervisor.  As I approached him I was greeted by middle-aged men. . .of very little flavor if you know what I mean.  A few of the gentlemen introduced themselves to me and I shook hands and introduced myself as “Ron’s intern from Florida Southern” (primarily because I had a fairly good chance that they would be Southern alums).

As we sat around a few tables the discussion about the upcoming events to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Detroit Tigers Spring Training in Lakeland.  A few agendas were handed out and as I skimmed through them, I felt eyes on me from those I didn’t have an opportunity to meet.  I tried my best to ignore them, but when I glanced up every so often, I knew my paranoia was well-founded because they would dart their eyes away from me just a second too late when I caught their eyes.

As the meeting moved on “Press Conference” on one of the agendas jumped at me like a lightning strike in the middle of the night.  I knew I wanted to work with whomever was going to be assigned that task, but was unsure of how to say it – I was only an intern.  When it was assigned to the person whom I had worked with on creating the 75th Anniversary website, I knew I would be able to voice my interests. . .but, as soon as I was about to raise my hand (I still feel like that’s necessary) Ron asked if I wanted to help.  I smiled and nodded my head.  This little Latina was going to work on a Press Conference for the Detroit Tigers only the second official week of the internship.  Thank you, Jesus.

*For those of you who may be confused, I have been affiliated with the Detroit Tigers since April 2010, but as a part-time employee.  In October of 2010, I approached Ron Myers, Director of Florida Operations for the Detroit Tigers, for an internship for the spring semester; I was offered one starting that day.  I created the website for the Tigers 75th Anniversary of Spring Training in Lakeland.  On January 11, 2011 I started my internship with them for academic credit.  Here we go!


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