Reverb 10 (31) – My story

What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world?

My central story? Way to get all deep on me…let me think about this.


Okay, I’m back. . .it’s the 3rd.

My central story. . .I had to re-read my posts from December and honestly, I feel like I have grown up.  I have always been too mature for some people. . .and not mature enough for my family.  This past year made me grow and according to my sister’s observation. . .I look older (I suppose all those all-nighters and weeks with only a few hours of sleep have aged me).

I have come to realize that I am one determined little fighter and only push myself to an extreme when I am doubted.  If someone tells me that I am not able to accomplish a certain task.  Rather than push myself. . .I doubt myself.  Rather than accomplish certain goals for myself. . .I do it for others.  It has been my weakness, but not anymore.

Over the past year I have learned to let go of negative feelings and people who hold me down – without me knowing at the time.  I have learned that there is very little I can achieve when I am genuinely dedicated.  I have learned that I have one of the best families in the world that keeps accepting me regardless of certain decisions I make and take pride in my work as much as I do – even if they don’t understand it sometimes.  I have also learned that I have the best familia at Florida Southern. . .who make me realize my full potential and strive to make me realize I can have a perfect balance of hard work during the day and shenanigans at night.

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