Reverb 10 (29) – Definining Moment

Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

I’m sitting here tapping at my evo trying to figure out what series of events changed my life…I’ve come to the realization it was this Fall semester…here’s the order (and I’m late, I know):
Abuela passed away and I was able to finally have somewhat of a relationship with her.
I started the most trying semester of my collegiate career.
I earned an internship with the Detroit Tigers and it has taut me that I am capable of what I truly work for.
I challenged my relationship with my best friend – Henry.
I broke down after trying to run away from painful memories.
Henry came back from training and moved to Georgia (blessing).
My friendship with Prisc became stronger and we are truly sisters.
I strengthened friendships with my Southern Ladies & the familia.
I lost friends because of poor attitudes no matter how hard I tried.
I’ve come to appreciate my relationship with my blood family…and, they finally met Henry!

Each of those situations and the details of those situations have made me an Ash that is destined to succeed with His help, dedication, hard work, intelligence, and an attitude full of hope, amor and peace 🙂

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